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Nanosys Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor Peidong Yang Named Recipient of 2011 MRS Medal Award


The Materials Research Society (MRS) has selected Peidong Yang, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to receive the 2011 MRS Medal. This prestigious honor recognizes a specific outstanding recent discovery or advancement that is expected to have a major impact on the progress of a materials-related field. Yang was named MRS medalist for "outstanding contributions in the creative synthesis and assembly of semiconductor nanowires and their heterostructures, and innovations in nanowire-based photonics, thermoelectrics, solar energy conversion and nanofluidic applications." Continue reading here


Nanosys and LG Innotek Receive Best of CES 2011 Enabling Technology Award

Nanosys Emerging Technology award at CES 2011

Next generation LED displays will have exceptional color quality, lower power usage

Nanosys congratulates LG Innotek (LGIT) on winning the CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award  in the Enabling Technologies product category for their QD BLU, an LED display backlight unit that incorporates Nanosys’ QuantumRail™ technology.


Nanosys and LGIT have worked together over the last year to develop a new approach to LED display backlighting, based on quantum dot technology, that will enable the screens of mobile devices to display richer colors while using less energy. A demonstration of the QD BLU will be featured at LGIT’s booth at the 2011 International CES January 6-9, 2011.