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  • El-Tower 6F
  • Seoul
  • South Korea

Dr. Jian Chen to speak about Nanosys Quantum Dot Enhancement Film in the afternoon session of the 2014 IHS Korea Display Conference on April 24, 2014 in Seoul Korea.

Dr. Chen is Vice President of Research and Development at Nanosys, where he is leading the development of a new generation of lighting technology based on quantum dots. Since joining Nanosys in 2002, Dr. Chen has directed research efforts across a variety of applications.  His brilliant work on quantum dot commercialization has led to key breakthroughs in performance and manufacturability.

Prior to joining Nanosys, Dr. Chen spent four years at Seagate Technology, developing spin-valve read-heads for magnetic hard-drives.

Dr. Chen has a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from the Ohio State University, completed post doctorate research at the University of Florida and is the author of 26 patents.