Closing Presentation: Impacting the Display Industry Through Advances in Next Generation Video

 Dolby's Ajit Ninan on Nanosys Quantum Dot technology

Dolby Laboratories: Ajit Ninan, Senior Director of Cinema Technology Engineering
BIO: Ajit Ninan, Senior Director of Cinema Technology Engineering, leads innovation and development of next generation display technology at Dolby. His accomplishments include a state of the art display which is 40 times brighter with 800 times more contrast than a conventional TV while supporting a wider color range of cinema. Developed over 4 years ago, there is still no display in the world that can match its capabilities. Recently Ninan developed a first ever, 32” display using quantum dot technology which provides over 16 F-stops of dynamic range and peak light output of 2000 nits yet being low power, proving high brightness with energy efficiency is possible. He is a world class expert in display technology and key member of the Dolby technology strategy team. Ninan is also an active contributor to international standards work in JPEG particularly regarding high dynamic range imagery.