• San Jose Hilton (map)
  • 300 S Almaden Blvd
  • San Jose, CA, 95113
  • United States
 Veeral Hardev, Nanosys Director of Business Development

Session III: Improving Pixel Quality Beyond the Pixel

The drive to higher resolutions has gained a lot of attention in recent years, but there is more to a good picture then just the number of pixels. Advancements in color performance using technologies like quantum dots are now in products that can challenge OLED. Also, contrast faded from the performance picture in the push to edge-lit LED backlighting, but that could change due to a resurgence of interest in local dimming and high dynamic range.

Veeral Hardev, Nanosys Director of Business Development will give a presentation looking at the development of Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF), a process-ready quantum dot component for LCD backlights that enables LCDs to achieve wide color gamut and higher power efficiencies without disrupting the established manufacturing process.

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