Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove

Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove

Nanosys' CEO Jason Hartlove will speak at the upcoming Quantum Dots forum in San Francisco. This one-day event following Phosphor Global Summit 2015 will provide a forum to cover market opportunities, developments in technologies, end user opportunities and challenges, innovations in applications and environmental issues all related to quantum dots.

Look for Jason's talk "Bringing Better Pixels to UHD with Quantum Dots" at 1:30PM in Session III.

This will be THE event to:

  • Understand what the biggest problems, solutions, and trends are within the budding quantum dots industry
  • Network with quantum dots materials and component suppliers and with potential customers of QD products
  • Figure out what problems your research group should focus on in the coming years

What can you look forward to?

  • Market overview and industry drivers
  • how current producers are handling industry stressors and opportunities
  • supply chain dynamics and materials development
  • voice of the QD customer
  • new and emerging applications
  • impact on environmental health & safety

For more info and the full agenda check out the Quantum Dot Forum website