Dr. ZhongSheng Luo, Nanosys Applications Engineering Director will give a talk on Delivering the Ultimate Visual Experience to the Mainstream with Nanosys Quantum Dot technology at the upcoming China International Quantum Dots Summit

For many decades, display engineers have been dreaming about producing a display that could provide immersive and life-like visual experience – so-called Ultimate Visual Experience (UVE). Historically, the Ultra High Color Gamut (UHCG) has been mostly neglected due to lack of adequate technology and prohibiting high price tag. The arrival of Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) makes the UVE UHCG possible and affordable. The easy integration of QDEF with existing LCD technology makes it possible to take full advantage of other advancements in the LCD industry and produce an UVE display that is accessible by average consumers. Toward the end of 2015, LCD TV products capable of UVE started to be released to the market.  While such products are still being positioned at high-end products, a huge effort is being put on to make such products more affordable. This presentation will talk about the latest development in the supply chain that aiming at delivering UVE-capable LCD products to the mainstream consumers.

Conference Highlights:

  • Cadmium-free quantum dots & regulations status in China
  • Various application, Including display, lighting, solar cell, sensor.etc
  • Case study for quantum Dots TV
  • Innovation in Quantum Dot LED (QLED)
  • Low cost manufacture
  • Materials development& Technical breakthrough

This event will be co-located with the Printed and Flexible Electronics China 2017 conference.

To learn more and register please visit: http://www.pfechina.com/conference/20161020/215.html