Quantum Dots are the hottest technology in displays right now. In 2017 Quantum Dot TVs outsold OLED TVs, and we just saw a big uptick in adoption earlier this year at CES with over 60% more display products announced by consumer electronics brands compared to the previous year.

Join Dr. Charlie Hotz, Nanosys VP of Research & Development to learn about the future of quantum dots and learn how Nanosys is leading the industry in the transition from cadmium quantum dots to cadmium free Quantum Dots. The event will be held at at San Diego, Paradise Point Resort & Spa on March 13-14 to learn more about the future of Nanosys Quantum Dots. 

Learn more at https://www.photonicconference.com/news/2018/nanosys-forecasts-a-bright-future-for-cadmium-free