DisplayWeek 2018 is right around the corner!

Nanosys is getting ready for another busy week featuring a number of talks and demonstrations of our latest Quantum Dot technology and materials innovations. The company will be exhibiting at Booth 737 from May 21 to 23 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Nanosys executives will also participate in several technical talks and sessions throughout the week.

We hope to see you in Los Angeles soon! If you have not had a chance to register yet, please do so on us with the following code for a free exhibits pass: ZJHXBFM

Featured Nanosys DisplayWeek 2018 presentations include:

Monday, May 21

  • 12:50PM - 2:20PM– Dr. Charlie Hotz, Nanosys’ Vice President of R&D, will speak as part of a Monday Seminar focused on Quantum Dot display technologies in Room 408A. The session, moderated by Dr. Jonathan Steckel of Apple, Inc., will review both existing and emerging uses of quantum dots in displays, with an emphasis on technical challenges and future application potential.
  • 3:00PM - 5:30PM – Jason Hartlove, Nanosys’ CEO, will present as part of the 2018 SID/DSCC Business Conference  during the Technologies Enabling Next Generation DisplaysSession. Mr. Harltove’s talk, titled “Quantum Dots: The Technology Platform for all Future Displays,” looks at quantum dots evolving use in LCD displays, as well as how they enhance and are being used in OLEDs and micro-LED displays, and how the technology is being developed as an emitter material for future printable electroluminescent displays.

Tuesday, May 22

  • 4:30PM - 5:30PM – Mr. Hartlove will then participate in the 2018 SID/DSCC Display Investors Conference during the “MicroLED Enablers” session. This talk will provide an update on the unique properties, potential applications and R&D trends for Quantum Dot color conversion layers for MicroLEDs and other emissive display technologies.

Wednesday, May 23

Friday, May 25