As the new Samsung QLED TV hits the market, TV buyers have been wondering, what the differences are between an OLED TV and a QLED TV?

Marc Saltzman from USA Today clears up the confusion with a detailed comparison between the 3 types of TVs on the market. He found the Quantum Dot technology in the latest QLEDs delivers fantastic contrast, color and reliability compared to sets based on OLED.

  • "Quantum dot TVs can match the “infinite” contrast ratio of OLED, delivering exceptionally dark blacks and whiter whites, and offer higher brightness than OLED TVs."
  • "These [QLED] TVs boast a wider, more true-to-life color palette – especially when it comes to reds, greens, and cyans – compared to OLED-based displays."
  • Unlike OLED materials, quantum dots are inorganic, which translates to longer-lasting displays and don’t suffer from any “burn-in” (ghost image) issues, though LG has added technologies to mitigate this.