From dots to displays

Quantum Dot Enhancement Film, or QDEF® is an engineered sheet containing our quantum dots. These sheets are our first product to market and are used in displays for TVs, tablets and more. They enable deep color and high efficiency by providing displays with an ideal light source. It’s shipping today in volume. Here’s how it works:

Precisely Tuned Color

Each sheet of QDEF contains trillions of tiny quantum dots. The dots we produce are tuned to create better color by changing their size during fabrication to emit light at just the right wavelengths. Traditional light emitting materials such as crystal phosphors have a broad fixed spectrum. Quantum dots can actually convert light to nearly any color in the visible spectrum. For the first time, display designers have the ability to tune and match the spectrum more accurately to color filters. This means perfectly accurate color and power-sipping energy efficiency.

Brightness and Energy

With other technologies, increased color performance results in decreased brightness or demands extra energy to maintain brightness. Not so with QDEF. Nanosys quantum dot displays are brighter and use less energy than other high performance display technologies like OLED. Our dot technology makes displays that are brighter, more efficient, and produce truly vibrant colors.

Bringing QDEF to Consumers: OLED Performance at an LCD Price

We’ve designed QDEF to be a straightforward replacement for an existing film in LCD backlights. Manufacturers who’ve invested billions in plant and equipment for LCD production can simply slip this sheet into their process to start producing LCD panels with color and efficiency beyond the best OLEDs, at a fraction of the cost. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in tablets and televisions to bring our technology to everyday consumers, setting a higher standard for experiencing content.

Read more about performance, reliability and how QDEF is made: