SID Display Week 2017 - Thank You!

SID DisplayWeek is now in the rear view mirror. Now that we've finally had a chance to catch our breath after another busy, successful show, we just wanted to just drop a note to say thank you to every one who visited Nanosys to participate in our Quantum Dot monitor giveaway challenge or just learn more about what's next in Quantum Dot technology.

We're pleased to report that Nanosys' first-ever giveaway contest was a success with over 200 participants. We also learned something new about the SID community. One of the big surprises for us was that display engineers and executives turn out to be really good gamers. We saw some truly impressive lap times on our immersive Quantum Dot gaming monitor rig throughout the week. Our most impressive contestant though was Danny, a student from UC Irvine, who smashed all previous records with an astonishing 45.625 second lap time. For reference, this was about 5 seconds faster than the next closest time!

For those who missed the chance to go to SID Display Week this year, here is a short recap on the Nanosys demos:

Hyperion Quantum Dots

This year, Nanosys won the SID's Component of the Year Award for our Hyperion Quantum Dot technology. With the help of our partner Hitachi Chemical, we showcased the performance of Hyperion Quantum Dots in a 65" Hisense MU96100 Curved ULED TV. This demonstration set showed that Hyperion can match the color and luminance performance of the industry's best Cadmium-based Quantum Dots making it a no-compromise solution for BT.2020 displays.

Hyperion Quantum Dots are able to reproduce over 90% BT.2020 color gamut with cadmium levels below the 100ppm limit established by the RoHS Directive, thereby eliminating the need for an exemption. This is accomplished by combining an entirely cadmium free red Quantum Dot with a green Quantum Dot engineered to have an exceptionally narrow emission spectrum and ultra-low cadmium content.

Photo-Emissive Quantum Dots

The other big piece of news from Nanosys at SID was the first public demonstration of our Photo-Emissive Quantum Dot technology. Photo-Emissive Quantum Dots are designed to move Quantum Dots to the front of the display, replacing the color filters in an LCD. The benefits include power efficiency improvement by as much as 2-300%, better viewing angles and improved color purity. Several technical challenges needed to be solved including making the dots compatible with photolithography patterning techniques and ambient air processing. Look for the soon-to-be-published 2017 SID paper titled "Ambient Processing of Quantum Dot Photoresist for Emissive Displays 67-2" for more details on how it works.

Quantum Dot Monitors

Monitors are quickly becoming a hot category for Quantum Dot technology. Quantum Dots address important needs for vivid and accurate color for two important segments in the monitor market: gamers and creative professionals. Nanosys highlighted both areas with demos of the super vibrant, gaming-focused 27" Samsung CFG70 and hyper-accurate, professional 32" ASUS PA329Q. Both monitors rely on Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys to deliver the excellent color performance required by two demanding user bases.

Samsung QLED TV Q9F

This year, Samsung launched their QLED TV series that can achieve 100% color volume and over a billion shades of color thanks to Quantum Dot technology licensed from Nanosys. Nanosys showed-off the flagship Q9F QLED set at SID which achieves an incredible 2,000-nits of peak brightness while providing inky blacks for a best-in-class HDR experience.

SID Coverage Round Up

Here's a look at some of the coverage on Nanosys and Quantum Dots in case you missed it...

Once again, we thank you for your time at Display Week 2017 and look forward to seeing everyone again next year!