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USA Today: Move over, 4K – HDR TV is here, and it’s gorgeous

In case you missed it, USA Today's Lee Neikirk posted a great piece this week that helps to demystify HDR. It's worth a read- he deploys some excellent real world examples (including a reference to a 2012 piece we did on the color saturation of NFL jerseys) HDR's promise of "better pixels" is much more than a "hollow marketing catchphrase."

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What is the "color gamut" of a fireworks show?

Ever noticed how disappointing it is to watch fireworks on your home TV compared being out experiencing a live show? If you’re a true fireworks enthusiast, nothing can replace that brilliant burst of color in the sky, followed by a brief moment of anticipation before sound finally catches up to light and the loud THUMP pounds through your chest.

The perfect combination of sound and color are what makes fireworks shows memorable. While I can’t shed light on how sound systems compare to the real deal, I do have insight on why fireworks colors fail you so horribly on current TV’s.

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The Apple Watch is here, how's the display? UPDATED

It's launch Friday for the Apple Watch and, from the looks of my Instagram feed, lots of people around the world are excitedly trying on Apple's latest creation. Everyone seems to want to know- does this mark the beginning of a game-changing new product category or is it merely a passing fad?

While it's probably a bit too early to pass judgement on the success or failure of the Apple Watch in those terms, we can take an objective look at the performance of the hardware now that it's arrived. I'm mostly interested in the display's color performance of course. So, after pairing it with my phone, my first move was to load it with a set of test images and point our spectroradiometer at the screen. Overall, it's a beautiful looking display  and our measurements revealed a few interesting things about how Apple designed the watch to overcome battery limitations. Here's a summary of what we found:

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