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Designing a disruptive display for the ASUS Zenbook NX500

Earlier this year ASUS came to Nanosys and 3M with a pretty audacious idea for a new product. They were looking for a way to build an ultrabook without making any tradeoffs in display quality, battery life or form factor. Could we help them achieve this wild goal using a disruptive new display technology we’d been developing called Quantum Dots?

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Canon adds support for rec.2020 capture, brings next gen video a step closer to mainstream

One of the first questions that consumers have about next generation Ultra HD (UHD) video features like wide color gamut and high dynamic range is the availability of optimized content. Emerging display technologies like Quantum Dot LCD are making it possible to display a much wider, more lifelike range of color. But, without making optimized content available to watch, will these new display features add any real value?

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UHD actually means better pixels, not just more pixels

Resolution is only a small part of the UHD story.

That was my takeaway from Europe's massive late summer consumer electronics and broadcast trade shows IFA and IBC.

"UHD" is already a bit of a murky term but it has always been about resolution. Originally, it only meant 8K but marketers have evolved it to encompass just about any resolution beyond 1080P including true 4K and 3840x2160. That's about to change again and the definition is expanding this time to include not just more but better pixels. 

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