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Mind your O’s & Q’s. Maybe you are shopping online or even standing in an aisle at store and find yourself completely surrounded by buzzwords. QLED, OLED, Quantum-this, nano-that. We’re here to help with a list of the top 8 benefits of Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys.

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Get ready for an expansive range of colors that has never before been seen in a home viewing environment.  

The latest Ultra High Definition (UHD) content delivers a range of over 1 billion colors that closely matches the vibrant colors you see in real life. Only Quantum Dot displays can reproduce over 90% of this impressive UHD color spectrum for a perfect in-home color experience that matches the director’s intent.

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Nothing else is brighter.

Nanosys Quantum Dots enable displays to produce more light with less energy than any other light emitter on earth. With Quantum Dots, watching your TV is closer to looking out a window than ever before. Real scenes pop with the lifelike impact of high brightness enabled by Quantum Dots.  




Quantum Dots are faster than lightning

Nanosys Quantum Dots can be switched on and off in mere billionths of a second, about one hundred times faster than a typical stroke of lightning, leaving other light emitting materials choking on our dust.  

This blazing speed enables displays with the highest refresh rates, cleaner motion through black frame insertion without compromising brightness and opens the door for exciting new display architectures in the future. 



Perfect colors should not fade over time.  

Whether you watch news, sports, movies or enjoy gaming, displays made with Nanosys’ rugged, inorganic Quantum Dots always look as good as the day you bought your device. 

Display makers stand behind the technology too. The world’s largest TV maker recently offered an unprecedented 10 year no-burn-in guarantee for their flagship lineup of Quantum Dot TVs based on Nanosys technology. 



8K? No problem. 16K? Bring it on. 

Nanosys Quantum Dots can be patterned into microscopic pixels. By “microscopic” we mean, literally, pixels that you cannot see without the aide of a microscope, enabling displays with thousands of pixels per inch.  

Quantum Dots create new possibilities for incredibly lifelike near-eye applications like AR/VR (and, hey, we’ll also be ready for those inevitable 32K TVs too). 

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Watch HDR content in any room, any lighting condition

The contrast number on the box only tells you part of the story. Sometimes “infinite black” means “too dim". With Quantum Dots you don’t have to turn off every light in your house or close all the curtain to avoid reflections. Nanosys Quantum Dots enable a bright, comfortably watchable image in any lighting condition. Whether you are viewing in a bright or dark room, images on Quantum Dot displays are more lifelike, from the most brilliant bights to the deepest darks.



Nanosys is leading the display industry towards a totally Cadmium-free future.  

Our Quantum Dot technology enabled the very first 100% Cadmium-Free Quantum Dot TVs and monitors in 2015. Since then, we’ve continued to help the display industry reduce reliance on Cadmium with more great, 100% Cadmium and heavy metal free products and new innovations like our Hyperion materials



Uncompromising, best-in-class image quality at mainstream prices. 

Nanosys Quantum Dot materials are solution processed (think printed) in open air, eliminating bottlenecks and enabling display makers to achieve faster throughput with better yields and a lower Bill of Materials compared to other advanced display materials. 

The proof is in the marketplace.   

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