Engadget: Nanosys forms alliance with Samsung to further the art of nanotech, fight the gray goo menace

Nanotech: it's about to get big -- well, figuratively speaking anyway. California-based Nanosys, who has worked to apply little tech to everything from flash memory to LED-backlit displays, is now applying it to solve a new problem: cash flow. Through a partnership with Samsung, Nanosys will receive "funding and resources" plus a $15 million equity investment while Samsung will presumably get first dibs to produce the fruits of this partnership. The press release, embedded below, specifically mentions applying research to develop better solar tech, but also indicates a hope to improve "electronics" in general, opening the door for just about anything. We're going to go ahead and hope for nanotech foot massaging running shoes, but feel free to lodge your own requests in the comments section below.