Nanosys Partners with SEMATECH to Develop Flash Memory Technologies

Joint effort to extend the technology roadmap for non-volatile memory based on advanced material technology

Austin, TX (December 7, 2010) – SEMATECH today announced that Nanosys, Inc., an advanced materials architect, has joined its Front End Processes (FEP) program, and will work with SEMATECH to develop new materials and processing techniques for extending flash memory technologies.

As a member of this program, Nanosys will closely collaborate with experts from SEMATECH’s FEP research team, and leverage SEMATECH activities in advanced process integration and materials and device characterization to extend non-volatile memory for the 2X nm node and beyond. Specifically, SEMATECH and Nanosys plan to build a material and process infrastructure to enable and extend both planar and future three-dimensional non-volatile memory technologies.

“SEMATECH is pleased to welcome Nanosys as a partner,” said Raj Jammy, SEMATECH vice president of emerging technologies. “Nanosys’ unique expertise in process-ready, advanced material technology will complement our own device and process expertise. We will work together to develop practical and promising approaches to address the continued scaling needs of the fast-growing non-volatile memory market.”

“SEMATECH provides Nanosys with an excellent development platform for our next generation Quantum Dot Memory (QDMTM) technology,” said Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys. “This collaboration will further the commercialization of our advanced materials and yield solutions that are critical to the continued progress of the memory roadmap.”

The goal of SEMATECH’s FEP program is to provide novel leading-edge materials, processes, structural modules and electrical and physical characterization solutions to support the continued scaling of logic and memory applications.

About Nanosys, Inc. Nanosys, Inc. is an advanced material architect, harnessing the fundamental properties of inorganic materials into process ready systems that can integrate into existing manufacturing to produce vastly superior products in lighting, electronic displays, and energy storage. For more information, visit

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