Nanosys QDEF impressions: It makes an LCD screen as bright and vivid as AMOLED

Via DigitalTrends's Jeffrey Van Camp We go hands on with a new type of screen technology called QDEF, which can take a standard LCD screen and make the screen twice as colorful and vivid as before, and look as good as AMOLED.

Color quality and brightness has always been a big deal, but with the growing popularity of new screen technologies like AMOLED and Apple’s “retina display,” all manufacturers of tablets, smartphones, computers, and TVs are scrambling to get their hands on the best screen technology available. Unfortunately, OLED and AMOLED can be quite expensive to implement. This is where Nanosys comes in. Using a  new screen technology called QDEF (which can be added to any LCD screen) the company has created screens that can produce 3 times more color than they can today for a price that’s low, and possibly cost neutral for electronics makers.

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Jeff Yurek