HDTV Expert - Nanosys Quantum Dots Could Save LCD-TV from AMOLEDs

QDEF is a drop-in film that LCD manufacturers can integrate with existing production processes. The version shown at SID consists of a diffuser sheet coated with an appropriate mixture of quantum dots – trillions of them – which are protected from air and moisture by a recently announced barrier film made by 3M. QDEF is literally a drop-in replacement for the diffuser sheet, requiring no change in assembly procedures. But the use of QDEF allows the white LEDs in the backlight to be replaced with less expensive blue LEDs. Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove has previously stated that the QD approach, in addition to expanding color gamut, produces a modest reduction in power consumption, all at a cost that is comparable to the conventional approach. By narrowing the visual distance between LCDs and OLED displays without harming LCD’s considerable advantage in cost over the short and medium term, QDEF could have a potentially disruptive effect on the developing technology battle between LCDs and AMOLEDs.