Display supply chain responds to demand for quantum dot LCD displays

Display industry supply chain responds to demand for quantum dot LCD displays, Osram announces new line of blue LEDs for quantum dot displays. The blue LED is designed for use with quantum dot technology that is just coming to market in the display area. Quantum dots are excited by photons much like conventional phosphor, but the dots have a much narrower emission spectrum.

In a display application, the display manufacturer embeds red, green, and blue (RGB) quantum dots on a thin sheet of material that is placed between the light guide and the LCD. The dots are patterned to exactly match the LCD's RGB filters. Therefore, only red light is shone though red filters and the same scenario holds true for green and blue filters. The technology results in a display with richer colors and improved color gamut relative to LCDs backlit with white light.

The blue Osram LED would excite the quantum dots in a display application. Blue is chosen because LED manufacturers can deliver the best quantum efficiency with that color. Osram says that the blue MicroSideled 3806 delivers 55% external quantum efficiency.

Osram said that the blue LED and quantum dot technology will enable more efficient displays when the power consumption is considered at the system level. The quantum dots make more efficient use of the emitted photons because you don't have the situation, as with white light, where much of the spectral energy of the backlight is wasted when passing through the color filters. Osram said the advantage is 10–15% in energy consumption and 33% better coverage of the color space.