The Register: Samsung slams door on OLED TVs, makes QUANTUM dot LEAP

Samsung has said that it intends to focus on UHD TVs using LCD panels augmented by quantum dot technology, instead of pushing OLED as a commercial replacement for LCD. This is the kind of decision that might mean that OLED nevertakes off in the larger form factors.

Kim Hyun-Seok, the head of Samsung’s TV business, told reporters that the firm doesn’t intend to change its OLED strategy this year or next – meaning that it will look to quantum dots to wring the life out of LCD instead of taking the plunge to OLED.

Samsung is planning on showcasing its new quantum dot tech at CES 2015.

OLED has been vaunted as the next-gen display technology for a few years now, with its improved colours and contrast over LCD. But the high cost of manufacture means that it was always unlikely to dethrone LCD until its cost came down, and that meant its yields had to rise dramatically.

Quantum dot (QD) technology also promises to improve the picture quality of LCD, but without requiring the industry to completely overhaul its manufacturing processes and retool. Like telcos and ISPs investing and clinging to copper lines instead of taking the plunge into fibre, the display manufacturers are married to LCD – and the divorce looks messy enough to deter them from change.

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