Are Quantum Dots the Next Big Thing in TV Tech?

Colorful Quantum Dots in solution. Image credit: Flickr user "clancefield" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

LCD picture quality may soon take a quantum leap.

You probably don't spend much time operating on the quantum level—at least not consciously. But soon, your TV might. 

Earlier this week, LG Electronics announced a plan to implement quantum dot technology in its 2015 lineup of LCD televisions. With quantum dot technology, LG hopes to bridge the gap between the death of plasma and the viability of OLED.

LG's Jung Do-hyun confirmed that the company will pursue "a dual-track strategy" with quantum dot and OLED tech, according to a report by Reuters. In the battle for the best picture, LG "has no choice but to release quantum dot TVs to make sure it doesn't lose ground to Samsung while OLED continues to develop," claims HDC fund manager Park Jung-hoon.

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