Apple Retina rivals emerge: Asus display goes 4K

Asus is getting ready to market a 15.6-inch laptop with lots of horsepower and a 4K display. Should Apple be worried?

Nanosys Quantum Dot display in ASUS Zenbook NX500

Apple's Retina is about to get one-upped. Asus has slated a laptop with a 4K display for later this year, while Sharp showed off a prototype 8K display.

The Zenbook NX500's 15.6-inch 3,840x2,160 IPS (in-plane switching) display will use a new technology called Quantum Dots, according to Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies.

"Only the second mobile display to ship with Quantum Dots," Soneira said in an email.

"That increases the color gamut, brightness, and power efficiency all at the same time," he added. And it's a technology that Apple is also rumored to be looking into.

By comparison, Apple's 15.4-inch MacBook Pro has a 2,880x1,800 resolution display (about 3 million pixels less than Asus').

"The display...delivers lifelike color reproduction with a wide color factory-calibrated color temperature, making it perfect for photographers and other professionals who need accurate and consistent color fidelity for their workflows," Asus said in a press release.