DisplaySearch Expects Rising Use of Quantum Dot Displays, Especially for Smartphones and Tablet PCs

Quantum Dot Display market penetration by application

SANTA CLARA, CALIF., July 8, 2014—With increasing competition from AMOLED, TFT LCD display manufacturers are beginning to look to quantum dot technology to improve color performance, according to the new Quantum Dot Technology and Market Forecast Report from NPD DisplaySearch. Adoption of quantum dots is expected to be highest in smartphone TFT LCD displays, as pricing is dependent on the area of the display, and competition with AMOLED is most fierce in smartphones. The report forecasts that penetration of quantum dots in smartphone TFT LCDs will be 3% in 2015, growing to 26% in 2020. Penetration in tablet PCs will also be relatively high, with nearly 2% penetration in 2015, growing to 15% in 2020. Quantum dot penetration in LCD TV is expected to be lower, due to the large area of TV displays; NPD DisplaySearch forecasts that less than 1% of LCD TV screens will use quantum dots in 2015, growing to 9% in 2020.