re/code: SUHD, Quantum Dots and Nano-What? Your Guide to TV Terms for 2015
Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV at CES 2015

Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV at CES 2015

If you happened to pay attention to the technology news coming out of the International CES last week, you might have heard that the TV makers introduced their latest and greatest TVs — 4K, SUHD, OLED and LCD — with quantum dot or nanocrystal display technology.

Wait, what?

I’m with you. The new displays shown off at CES were impressive, but their descriptions bordered on ridiculous. Unless you have an advanced degree in quantum physics, you’ll likely be in one of two categories of TV-buying consumers in the coming months: One who casually boasts to his friends that he’s got a “quantum dot TV,” without having any actual understanding of it; or one who stands in front of the shelves at Best Buy, befuddled about what it all means.

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