Forbes goes hands on with Samsung's Quantum Dot enhanced SUHD TVs at CES 2015
Colours pretty much exploded off the screen – aided, no doubt, by the claimed 20 per cent boost to the visible colour spectrum delivered by the Quantum Dot colour system.
— John Archer, Forbes

The Quantum Dot enhanced Samsung SUHD (on right) compared to one of last year's models

The big news from Samsung’s booth at the current Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is that the Korean brand’s upcoming flagship UHD TVs aren’t just UHD TVs any more. Now they’re Super UHD TVs – or SUHD TVs for short.

This (sadly) doesn’t mean that these JS9 models come adorned in a cape and red underpants, though. Rather the Super part of the name indicates that they’re equipped with two major new technologies for Samsung: high dynamic range (HDR) playback, and Quantum Dot colour reproduction.