HDTVtest: Panasonic brings rec.2020 HDR content to the home with Ultra HD Blu-ray

Panasonic BluRay player supports UHD and rec.2020 color gamut at CES 2015

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) doesn’t have an official presence at the 2015 International CES (in the same way it did back in the vitriolic days where it had to compete with HD DVD), instead leaving the job of announcing details on the standard up to hardware manufacturers. At this morning’s 2015 CES Press Conference, Panasonic showed off their prototype Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player.

There’s great news on the color gamut front, with the maximum allowable gamut being the gargantuan Rec.2020. Although the Rec.2020 gamut has been criticized as being impractically large and unattainable on video displays, it makes sense for the delivery mechanism to support as wide a gamut as possible, allowing for potential future expansion (if displays conforming to the Rec.2020 gamut were to somehow become available, the UHD BD standard will be there to meet the need). It’s far more likely that a more practical range of colors – such as those specified in the Digital Cinema Initiatives P3 gamut currently in use in movie theaters – will end up being used.