Ken Werner: "Quantum Dots produce really compelling images"

A major trend in TV this year is the increasing commoditization of UHD (4K) TV. The speed with which 4K has gone from expensive to cheap continues to surpirse many people in the industry. If last year was the year of UHD-TV's breakout, this year will surely be the year of quantum-dot-enhanced TV. Many major manufacturers announced QD-enhanced TVs for release this year, including Samsung, LG and TCL. Unfortunately, they will probably be called "QD-TVs." But if we can survive "LED TVs," we can probably survive "QD-TV", too.

Viewed side by side with conventional LCD-TVs, the increased color saturation and gamut produced by QDs provide an obvious improvement in image quality and allow TV makers to exceed 90% of REC.2020. Combined with 4K, QDs produce really compelling images. Samsung went so far as to say that QD enhancement provides image quality that is superior to OLED.