TheVerge: Why quantum dots are showing up on more TVs at CES 2015

Samsung's SUHD Quantum Dot TV in a shootout against Plasma, OLED and LED at CES 2015

Quantum Dots promise to solve a fundamental problem with LCD TVs
— Josh Lowensohn, TheVerge

It's easier than ever to make big TVs. Each year brings a new record size and price tag for TVs that have stretched into triple-digit inch territory. There's been a simultaneous quest to be the thinnest TV, a metric that's great to chase on phones and tablets, but arguably less important for something most people set down and don't touch for years at a time. Not to be outdone, TV makers have added swooping curves to the screen, and crammed more pixels in the same amount of space  even if barely anyone is making movies or TV shows to view at that resolution

With all these advances, it's still really hard to make really good, really big TVs that normal people can buy. To help solve that, another arms race quietly began almost two years agoand has become a battleground at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. It's still about size, just for something you can't see: quantum dots, extremely tiny crystals that promise to improve the color and efficiency of LCD TVs. Sony started including them in some of its high-end sets two years ago, and now others including SamsungLG, and TCL are following suit. They hope the jump in quality will be big enough to get you to upgrade the set you bought just a few years ago. What's more, it could bail them out of investing in competing technologies that have proven difficult and expensive.