Trusted Reviews: Hisense Quantum Dot-enhanced ULED TV delivers genuine picture quality
According to Hisense, its proprietary ULED – or Ultra LED – technology uses 3M’s latest Quantum Dot Enhancement Film technology to boost color response.

The screen really does seem to deliver genuine picture quality. In fact, Hisense was feeling so confident about ULED that it set up a head-to-head demo of its ULED TV running against a rival 4K OLED screen – and the results were intriguing to say the least.

Particularly eye-catching was just how much sharper and more detailed the Hisense TV looked with the native 4K demo footage – so much so that it left the 4K OLED screen looking quite soft by comparison.
— Trusted Reviews

We just got our Hisense 65H10B in and it really does look fantastic in head to head comparisons with other sets. More color with more brightness and dynamic range than OLED at much lower cost. Hisense is really looking to make a name for themselves in the US and Europe with this TV.

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