TechHive Demystifies TV Tech Terms for Color & HDR Enabled by Quantum Dots

This graph illustrates three color spaces: HDTV (the smallest triangle), Rec. 2020, and the color space that Nanosys, Inc.'s says its quantum dot technology can deliver (superimposed on the other two).

Color accuracy went south with the introduction of LCDs. Fortunately, the TV industry has made significant strides since then. The latest high-end LED-backlit LCDs—and of course OLED TVs—produce noticeably more accurate color than previous generations. They produce reds that are actually red, for example, and not dark orange.

In this, the third installment in our series that cuts through the BS that is routinely used to market new televisions, we define the terms, standards, and specs involving color. In case you missed the first two installments, you can use either the navigation tools above and at the end of the story, or you can go directly to our discussion of screen size, resolution, and refresh speed, and our explanations of display types and technologies.

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