Nanosys Partner Samsung Dominates 4K TV Market in 2015

More than one-quarter of 4K TV sales to US broadband households in the last year have been Samsung models

Parks Associates research finds that by mid-2015, more Samsung 4K TV sets were sold than any other brand. Samsung accounted for 28% of 4K TV purchases made within the last 12 months to U.S. broadband households. Best Buy was the leading retailer, capturing more than 40% of 4K TV purchases. Of the remaining brands, 17% of consumers who purchased a 4K TV in the past 12 months bought an LG, 13% bought a Sony, and 11% purchased a Vizio.

The report finds that consumers heavily weigh advanced features beyond simply 4K resolution when purchasing UHD sets. Samsung's top-of-the-line SUHD TVs are strongly differentiated in the market with a rich suite of features including Nano crystal display technology, Wi Fi, SmartTV and high resolution audio.

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