HomeTheaterReview: What Quantum Dots Mean to Your Next UHD TV

UHDTV Color broadcast spec rec.2020 is much larger than HDTV's

Since the arrival of the first-generation 4K Ultra HD TVs, you've heard us say that the increased resolution, on its own, may not provide the wow factor that manufacturers need to inspire consumers to upgrade their televisions. At the typical TV screen sizes and at the typical viewing distance, the typical consumer may not be able to see the extra detail. Other potential elements of UHD--namely, better color and contrast--can provide a more obvious improvement. Well, 2015 marks the year that those other potential elements will become a reality, in both UHD TVs and UHD content. At the 2015 International CES, TV manufacturers emphasized two emerging technologies: quantum dots and high dynamic range. Over the next few weeks, we're going to discuss these technologies, along with the current state of HDMI, to give you an idea of where Ultra HD is headed.