Samsung's Quantum Dot SUHD TV wins awards in early reviews

Samsung SUHD TV licensed Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys

The first reviews are in and they are unanimous– Samsung's new SUHD lineup of UHD TVs brings a major leap forward in image quality. Using Quantum Dot technology licensed from Nanosys, Samsung's latest sets show an unprecedented range of color and dynamic range for a truly stunning picture. Here's what the reviewers have to say:

The Samsung UE65JS9500 is easily the most impressive LED TV we’ve reviewed to date, which is hardly surprising given that it’s kitted out with all the most desirable LCD-enhancing technologies known to videophiles... We’ve downgraded the Panasonic AX802 and Sony X9005B, and made the Samsung UE65JS9500 the sole holder of our “Highly Recommended: Best in Class” award.
— HDTVtest
The [Samsung SUHD] delivers the biggest leap forward in picture quality we’ve seen for years. Truly next-generation stuff that, once experienced, feels almost painful to be without.