Behind the Scenes at the Nanosys Quantum Dot Factory in Silicon Valley

Red and Green Quantum Dot materials at Nanosys HQ in Silicon Valley. Photo by Tekla Perry

Next month, Samsung’s first Quantum Dot televisions begins shipping to consumers; Hisense plans to start rolling quantum dot televisions off its manufacturing lines mid-year, and other TV manufacturers, including TCL, Skyworth, ChangHong, Sharp, and LG also have unveiled quantum dot TVsthat will likely come to market soon. Sony introduced a version of the technology in 2013.

Quantum dots, nanoscale semiconductor crystals, turn blue light into narrow-spectrum greens and reds. It’s these narrow wavelengths of light that allow quantum dots to make traditional LED screens produce the brighter and wider range of colors that make quantum dot televisions stand out. (More on how that works here.) But before quantum dots can create brilliant colors, someone has to make the quantum dots. A few companies are doing so, either using their own or licensed technology, including NanocoQD VisionQuantum Materials, and Nanosys. Turns out one of those is doing its manufacturing here in Silicon Valley.