Yole Développment: Quantum dots for displays are now entering volume production

We interviewed Nanosys Inc., one of the key developers and manufacturers of quantum dots for display, in order to share with us the evolution of the industry, the trends linked to the adoption of quantum dots and also what will happen in the next years.

YD: Displays are the first killer application for quantum dots. What is your opinion on the added value of quantum dots for displays?
JY: Quantum Dots are bringing a whole new level of viewing experience to displays. With Quantum Dots it is now possible to experience the full benefits of UHD including resolution, color range (rec.2020 color gamut) and high dynamic range (HDR).

Samsung's SUHD TVs are a perfect example of this. With Quantum Dots they are able to offer both wide color gamut and peak brightness of 1,000 nits– that's 2-2.5X brighter than TVs today. It may sound extreme but it actually makes for an incredible viewing experience where specular highlights and explosions truly pop! The sort of "Pepsi challenge demo" that Samsung put on pitting Quantum Dots against Plasma, OLED and LED really showed off what this is all about (see image above). That level of performance is not possible without Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF) no other light emitting technology is efficient enough to do it.