Nanosys Receives Energy Efficiency Incentive from PG&E for Reduction in Power Consumption by Over 800,000 kWh Annually

PG&E representative Jill Adams presenting the Energy Efficiency Program incentive check to the team at Nanosys for energy savings of over 800,000 kWh at the company’s Milpitas, CA headquarters

Savings equivalent to enough energy to power 41 homes annually and 376,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions avoided

Milpitas, CA, April 1, 2015– En­ergy efficiency is at the core of what we do at Nanosys from reducing the power needed by the displays in our favorite electronics with our Quantum Dot technology to the way we manufacture our products. We’re honored that PG&E is recognizing those efforts today with a $118,000 incentive as part of their Customer Energy Efficiency Program to lower energy costs and reduce emissions that cause global warming.

Being smart about our energy use is great for the environment and saves us money. By tracking hourly consumption, upgrading to more efficient heating and cooling systems, and shutting down equipment when it’s not used, we reduced energy use at our Milpitas, CA facility by nearly 1 megawatt or enough energy to power 41 homes. This means 376,000 pounds of carbon dioxide are saved each year.

We look forward to working closely with PG&E in the future to identify more ways to improve the efficiency of our facility and further reduce emissions.