Samsung Venture Investment Corporation completes follow-on investment in Nanosys

New funding fuels plan to accelerate production capacity expansion

Milpitas, CA, June 1, 2015 – Nanosys, Inc., enabling a new generation of vibrant, energy-efficient displays with its Nano Crystals today announced that it has received an investment from Samsung Venture Investment Corporation (“SVIC”), the venture capital arm of the Samsung Group. The investment is follow-on to a 2010 investment; the new funds will be used to expand production capacity as demand for Nanosys technology for displays grows rapidly.

“Our investment in Nanosys is consistent with our strategy to work closely with established market leaders.” says Michael Pachos, Director at SVIC. “Nanosys is a technology leader and has built a significant business in the space. The company has demonstrated both a technical and business vision in driving adoption of their products and we look forward to contributing to the progress of Nanosys.”

“In just a few years most of the devices we love the most – from tablets to TVs – will feature brighter, richer, more colorful displays that use less power because they utilize Nano Crystals,” added Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys. "We are delighted that leading global companies like SVIC share this vision, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them to create a new generation of displays. SVIC’s investment will reinforce our leading position and help serve all our customers better"

About Samsung Venture Investment Corporation

Samsung Venture Investment Corporation is the Venture Capital arm of the Samsung Group with offices in Seoul, Silicon Valley, Boston, Israel, London and Tokyo.

 About Nanosys, Inc.

Nanosys, Inc. is leading the development of Nano Crystal technology for displays. Since our founding in 2001, we have partnered with leading display makers in creating standout tablets, TVs and smartphones that are thinner, lighter, brighter and more colorful than ever before. For more information, visit