DigiTimes: Is Quantum Dot the next big thing for the TV market?

Over the last six months TV supply chains have been talking up Quantum Dot (QD) TVs, stating that many TV vendors aim to release new units in 2015 to compete in the high-end TV segment in conjunction with Ultra HD and OLED. While there have been releases primarily by China-, Japan- and Korea-based vendors, supply chains still have low expectations for 2105 as vendors are still testing the market with various products and have yet to enter the busy TV purchasing season.

Shipment estimates for Ultra HD (4K) enhanced-color LCD TVs using QD technology in 2015 are 1.3 million while overall 4K TVs are expected to reach 40 million to represent approximately 20% of global TV shipments. Curved OLED TV shipments are expected to reach 800,00 in 2015.