Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot TV Racks up awards at CES 2016

TechRadar Editor's Choice award for Best TV goes to Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot

The Samsung SUHD TV with Quantum Dot is the TV at CES 2016 that we thought best encapsulated the concept of "next generation." Why? Like its competition, this TV can do 4K Quantum Dot, all while rocking a bezel-less body. But, right now, it does it better than any other model on the horizon. – Editor's Choice for Best TV

Samsung's SUHD series surprised us last year with its ability to balance arresting brightness with inky black levels—two things that rarely go together, especially in an LED TV. This year's flagship SUHD TV, the KS9500, takes last year's successful formula and amps it up with even higher brightness, quantum dot color, and a new smart platform—perfect for all the HDR content that's supposed to hit later this year.

HD Guru – Best TV Design

This will stand as one of the flagships of the 2016 Samsung TV line, and will be among the company’s sets that earn the UHDA’s new “Ultra HD Premium” logo, along with the rest of the models in Samsung’s high-performance SUHD tier. That means, the set is HDR compatible, using a new cadmium-free quantum dot technology in its 10-bit display to deliver greater color accuracy, brightness and contrast. This is said to enhance brightness while using less power. It will also produce a billion color shades across 92-93% of the DCI-P3 color spectrum.