Steven Sinofsky calls "Better Screens" one of the top product observations at CES 2016

Steven Sinofsky wrote up a great review of his top "observations for product people at CES 2016" over at Medium. He highlights "Better Displays" with HDR, including Samsung's SUHD Quantum Dot, as one of these trends. He also breaks down why HDR content is coming faster than we may think and certainly faster than the transition to HDR.

All the major companies were showing off HDR displays. There’s a new industry acronym Ultra HD Premium which signifies an appropriate level of dynamic range. Netflix and other content providers will also be supporting HDR.

Take a moment to consider why this is not like the transition to HD and why it will happen much faster. HD required new content and going back to existing libraries of film and rescanning to make Bluray which you then needed to buy to play in your Bluray player. Network TV had to make the transition. Broadcast spectrum had to be allocated, and so on. Now this is all about software—recording is captured in RAW which has the information to make HDR (though more can be done in sensors for sure, which is a huge opportunity!) and re-encoding with enhanced metadata can be done as desired. Even distribution is no longer focused on just studios with new content coming from new players who have software perspective to bring.