Samsung's Quantum Dot-enhanced JS9000 UHD TV tops's 50" TV Buyer's Guide

The Samsung 48JS9000, which features cutting-edge Quantum Dot technology licensed from Nanosys, has just been named's "Best 48-50" TV of the Year."

Samsung’s JS9000 4K SUHD  TV has by many been argued as the best 4K TV from Samsung of 2015 and one of the three best 4K TVs of the year as well. For now at least, it still retains these claims and offers the excellent specs to prove it. While the 48 inch model doesn’t quite offer some of the top-shelf specs of the larger 65 inch edition, it comes with spectacular color gamut coverage thanks to its quantum dot nanocrystal technology and also includes the benefit of UHD Alliance certified “Premium UHD” specs for HDR and other display characteristics. With excellent contrast, superb brightness and some fantastic color accuracy, the JS9000 promises a viewing experience for both 4K and non-4K content that cannot be matched by a conventional HD TV of any kind.

Again, we get the benefit of Samsung’s excellent Tizen smart TV platform and a full host of connectivity specs for viewing 4K content from the widest possible array of sources on the 48JS9000.

This is definitely the best 48-50 inch 4K TV of 2015 and remains so in 2016 as of this writing.