Samsung Launches Latest SUHD Quantum Dot TV in South Korea

Samsung Electronics president and TV chief Kim Hyun-seok poses with the company’s latest quantum dot TVs at a launch event in Seoul on Tuesday. (Samsung Electronics)

Samsung today launched their second-generation of SUHD Quantum Dot TVs at an event in Seoul, South Korea. The new SUHD models all feature Quantum Dot technology licensed from Nanosys for incredibly lifelike image quality and they will span across 14 SKUs ranging in size from 43" to a massive 88".

At the event, the world's largest TV maker highlighted Quantum Dots as a key component of their profitable TV strategy. According to Samsung, premium Quantum Dot TVs can be twice as profitable as standard sets. The company expects to ship over 5 million of these premium sets this year. That's more than five times the number of OLED sets LG hopes to ship in the same timeframe.

We can expect more great Quantum Dot TVs in the future as the company continues to invest in pushing the technology forward. According to Samsung Electronics President Kim Hyun-seok, "Following the first launch last year, we have applied the second-generation quantum dot technology this year that has upgraded overall picture quality. We will continue to unveil new generation models.”