TCL's Flagship X1 Quantum Dot TV Launches in China

TCL, the world's 3rd largest TV brand, just launched their flagship "X1" TV in China. First announced at CES in January, the X1 features rec.2020 color, 1,000 nit brightness and Quantum Dot technology from Nanosys and 3M.

In case you can't read Chinese, the slide behind CTO Chen says: Quantum Dot Display > OLED Display and, from left to right, the four colored blocks: Materials More Stable/ Color Gamut Wider/ Brightness Higher/ Lifetime Longer

According to TCL Multimedia CTO, Kuang-Lang Chen, the Quantum Dot technology makes the X1 performance superior to OLED in four important ways: 1) QD has high stability compared to relatively volatile organic OLED molecules, 2) ability to hit the rec.2020 color gamut, 3) high brightness for a true HDR experience, and 4) longer lifetime.

The price of the 65" model is RMB30,000 in China which translates to about $4,600 US.

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