DisplayDaily on Nanosys Next-Gen Quantum Dot Demo

Finally, I had a moment that was very satisfying personally. I have written about the display industry for more than twenty years. Over that time, I have not had that many innovative ideas about technology. However, at the NPD Displaysearch conference at IFA in 2013 (I think), I suddenly had an idea about a new way to use Quantum Dots. I mentioned that I had an idea in a Q&A session and later had a discussion about it.

Yesterday, I heard that idea again, from Jason Hartlove of Nanosys, which makes quantum dots. The idea was that it was very inefficient to put the QDs into a backlight and then pass that light through a colour filter and throw away at least two thirds of it. Why not put the QDs in the place of the filter and simply use blue for the backlight? That was the idea that I had back in 2013, and that Nanosys is now thinking about.