DashInsights: "QD technology will take the lead"

Veteran display industry Sweta Dash of Dash Insights shared her thoughts on trends among emerging display technologies at a recent SID Northwest meeting. If you are not familiar with Ms. Dash's work, she was instrumental in establishing IHS display research business. She's now struck out on her own and it's great to hear her take on Quantum Dots:

...to Dash its really QD technology that will take the lead here, with it's potential to deliver an "emotional experience" to the consumer that will increase demand and drive the next generation of TVs forward (not OLED...) With the subsequent generations of QD applications, (including integration into the LED itself) the LCD can morph again and again, creating that elusive moving target and making it difficult for OLED to keep up, let alone dominate, in the king of display markets known as the living room TV.

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