DisplayDaily on Nanosys Hyperion™ Quantum Dots

Nanosys, for example, has developed a “hybrid” solution they call Hyperion Quantum Dots, which mixes cadmium-free red and cadmium-based green quantum dots into a single film. They showed a side-by-side demo on the show floor with identical TVs and image performance (90+% of BT 2020). One TV used their previous Cd—based film and the other the new Hyperion film, but the latter now meets the European Union’s Restriction on Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive without having to use an exemption. It achieves this by having a Cd level under the minimum level of 100ppm and a very narrow spectral width (24nm). This should be a big deal as compliance is a big driver in QD adoption. Mass production is expected in early 2017.