Samsung profit up 17% on strong sales of Quantum Dot TVs

Samsung posted blow-away second quarter results today with operating profit of nearly $7 billion, up 17% over the year-ago quarter. The results also came in above street consensus of about $6.2 billion. Analysts attributed the gains to better profitability in the smartphone division as well as the hot-selling SUHD TVs with Quantum Dot technology licensed from Nanosys.

According to a report in the Korea Herald, the Quantum Dot TVs helped the consumer electronics division generate over $850 million dollars in profit for the company:

Samsung's consumer electronics business is also estimated to have more than 1 trillion won in operating profit for the April-June period on the back of robust sales of SUHD TV series that applied the so-called quantum dot technology in the North American market, the analysts said.

A quantum dot refers to a form of semiconductor that is 10,000 times finer than a human hair and improves the brightness, visibility and power efficiency of displays.