DigitalTrends: Samsung says it's latest TV breakthrough outshines OLED

If you’ve payed much attention to the development of 4K UHD TVs with HDR, you may have noticed the mention of quantum dots. You’ll see the term “quantum dots” splattered all over Samsung’s premium TV packaging, in its TV commercials, and on posters hung in electronics stores. But quantum dots are much more than a marketing ploy. The incredibly advanced technology, developed in this case by Nanosys, has significantly improved the Samsung LED/LCD TVs we know today.

Quantum dots are about to take on a new role, Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove told Digital Trends at the IFA 2016 tradeshow, after revolutionizing LCD TV technology. And it may put OLED TV squarely in Samsung’s cross-hairs.

To appreciate how Samsung’s promising new TV tech will work, however, we first need a primer on how quantum dots currently work in Samsung’s TV lineup.