Hisense Launches Several Quantum Dot TVs with Nanosys technology at CES 2017

Hisense launched several new Quantum Dot TVs at CES 2017 and all of them utilize Nanosys technology for great color and brightness. Hisense featured a display of Nanosys cutting-edge quantum dot materials in their booth on the show floor this year.

Nanosys CEO Jason Hartlove is pictured here alongside a display of brightly glowing Nanosys Quantum Dots and three Hisense MU9600 QDTVs (55", 65" and 70") at CES 2017.

For coverage on the new Hisense TVs, check out DigitalTrends on the latest Quantum Dot TVs from Hisense:

As the flagship of Hisense’s 2017 lineup, the H10D series uses quantum dot display technology, and supports both HDR and wide color gamut. The series is Ultra HD Premium certified, with full array local dimming promising some of the deepest blacks possible on an LCD TV and making for excellent contrast.