Display Daily: Quantum Dot Display Technology Coming to LCD's Rescue

Sweta Dash from DisplayDaily explains how Quantum Dots are enabling LCDs to match or even out perform competitors by providing higher peak brightness, wider color gamut and better image quality. These are all the crucial requirements for the best UltraHD HDR experience:

"After CCFL-based TV sets reached market maturity and growth slowed down, LED-based LCD TV created a growth cycle by boosting replacement demand. The winning formula was “good enough picture quality” with “competitive price”. It not only changed the TV market, it also spilled over to all other application markets such as monitor, notebook, industrial, medical and others and that strengthened the LCD technology and production base. Quantum dot technology has the same potential to enable LCD to create a growth cycle and drive replacement demand.

TV manufacturers are shifting to higher resolutions to offer better picture quality. But adoption of WCG and HDR with 4K resolutions really helped consumer to see the visual quality differences and experience it. Quantum dot enhanced backlight light in LCD TV takes it to the next level with an even wider range of colors and luminance."

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